Sunday, 8 September 2013

Just something....

It's weird talking into the abyss. Twitter, Blogger, Facebook. All these words and thoughts that spill (mostly on twitter in my case) onto social media, forums and the like that have barely even been committed to your own thoughts before they are part of the global conversation.
Talking on the internet is as if everyone is attendant at a giant party, but instead of hanging with the two people they turned up with (and *that* guy who thinks his every utterance is the funniest thing but strangely only you will listen to) everyone slinks over to a space and just talks. Some people talk loudly or compellingly enough to drag people closer and start a conversation, others provocatively enough to start an argument.
Then there are some that arrived late. That could only get a space on the dancefloor where the music is blaring so loud that they can't be heard anyway. Still they talk though, you know, just in case. Or even some that have an apparently handy spot by the bar, but are talking the most inane bollocks that all the drinks are being served in the other room.
Personally, I try and get involved, occasionally. Or I play the 'wallflower'. Watch, listen, try and learn. But there's no record of the thoughts of someone who just watched. Does there need to be a record?

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