Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Into the unknown

So today I wanted to spill my mind about the last 6 weeks or so. I was going to do that yesterday, but my brain was crazy melted by the wonder of Sharknado so I wrote about that instead (seriously if you haven't seen it get some mates round and give it a whirl).
So anyway before I get hit by another wave of B C D-movie delirium...

Anyone that knows me reasonably well in person will know that I started this summer as an advancing data-quality BA at a quite well known investment bank. The money was good, I'd been promoted in the winter and had been managing a team of three since the year before. Those of you who know me from my online persona only may be a little surprised to hear this, as I am quite an outspoken 'lefty'.  Still bills gotta be paid and all that, I got a call just after getting married (with the previous company I worked for having gone broke) that there was an opening and I would be a good fit. Here we are three years later.

That was how I started the summer. I am now 'unemployed' and am in the comfort of my own home during the traditional 9-5. So what happened? Well first and foremost, this isn't some 'woe is me tale', I resigned and left in late July . But why?

It wasn't actually a bad job, it was stressful at times and organisational plans didn't seem long term enough to ever resolve that. I was quite good at it though, if you'll excuse me saying so myself. The problem was that at 28 I have now spent over a decade in various employment and the great majority of it full time. All this work, all these roles, and yet I'd never once done something on the list of careers I've always desired.

Some people never know what they want to be when they grow up. You could say I'm lucky in that regard as I have at various times wanted to be (and these are recurring things, not flash in the plan 'oh I'd like that' until next week things) a teacher, a musician, a writer, but most of all, most persistently and gnawingly and naggingly of all, I've wanted to be a games developer. And I don't mean being the guy that does the helmet bobbing in the next call of duty either, but to have my own small scale studio, or at least be working at one. Somewhere where I can realistically fire up a game with a huge grin on my face and know what bits were me.

So that's (kind of) what I've done. through the summer I have been teaching myself how do develop android games. That's why the 'unemployed' earlier was in quote marks. I have probably been putting in 50 or so hours a week so far. Now that my time at the computer is less learning and more doing that may have to ratchet up a little more, I'll tire less when I'm not trying to learn new things.

I have two games in the pipeline currently. One is at a sort of alpha level and is currently called 'Save the Village', the other is still at the concept drawings and code-scratching stage, and doesn't have a name. I was thinking of doing a progress blog on here, the issue being that the second I have one of those ideas I seem to forget Blogger exists for three months.

So, I'm finally following my dream. Wish me luck.

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