About this blog

Hello to anyone who has stumbled across 'Hippomonstrosesquipedaliophobia' for the first time, or any regulars who have noticed this page appear anew.

The first thing that may be noticed when you get here is how dog awful it looks. For that I can only apologise, my web design skills are severely lacking, and I haven't yet found the time to play about with all the settings that might make this place less of an eyesore.

Beyond that it wouldn't take long to notice that there is no specific theme. I do have topics that I will cover more regularly than others (politics, creationist bashing, me, basics of, videogames) but you will find a smattering of other stuff that I find interesting, important or amusing.  If you see anything in the news that you think I might be interested in blogging about, or if you want a topic to be given the 'basics-of' treatment e-mail me at waine dot james at gmail dot com.

As an attention whore, I would love to see comments below my posts. I am also up for guesting (in the unlikely event you feel i'd have anything to add to your blog) or to have some guests writing over here (as long as you aren't bigging up the BNP or some other bunch of pricks). Use the e-mail address above. Alternatively, you can also follow me on twitter should the irregular inanity here not quite be enough for you, and then contact me that way.

Thanks for reading.