Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Ok. So I've decided I'm going to do this again.

Hello and welcome back for those of you that have missed me in the almost a year I've not posted (where does the time go?). The plan is to try and post a couple of missives a week in order to get me back in front of the computer and writing again. Because I have this terrible habit of thinking I don't have anything important to blog about, I'm not going to limit my writings to things that actually matter. Instead, I plan to just sit down and force myself to write about whatever comes into my head.

This SEO defying approach may well lead to a distinct lack of intrest, but I guess the point is that I should be doing these sorts of things for me. Improve my writing skill, whether it be politics, football, life or any other nonsense. What won't happen on here from now on is any post about video games, as I'll reserve those for Common Ground Games.

Just occurred to me that the last post on here was in reference to the recent AV debacle. Well what a clusterfuck that was. It does seem that if the reformists can't design a coherent plan for themselves, what chance have they got of convincing others? It all got a little bit Judean People's Front for me. Depressing.

Right, that'll do for now. Like I say, hello again, hope you are well. See you all soon.