Friday, 19 February 2010


Ok so who uses twitter?

You have probably heard a lot about it in recent months, and I have just recently offered my soul up to the beast to see just how much of it is engulfed. Strangely for something that is just the status bar from facebook, it's really quite compelling.

Because people are forced to sum up their thoughts in text message format, you never have reams and reams to read through, and looking at the trending topics can offer a sort of 'life highlights' with all the links that you need to find out what is going on in the world.
The one thing I still haven't quite grasped is actually tweeting. I currently have all of 1 follower, a polite 'refollow' that probably occurred all but automatically, so what s the point in me tweeting? Some may argue that it's the same point in me blogging with no readers, but I actually enjoy writing. I don't much enjoy texting (never have) and while writing skill may aid me in the real world, no sane person is ever going to hire me off the back of a few entertaining tweets.

But if I don't tweet.... Why would anyone follow me anyway? It's a paradox that I haven;'t yet resolved in my mind. Do I tweet to the masses that don't yet exist (like here) assuming that 'they will come'? or do I just go around following people and see if anyone follows an empty feed?

We shall see. One thing that I do tweet is when I have posted a blog (#blogs is a shameless promotional tool) so follow me if you wish to keep up to date on Hippomonstroblahdeblahdeblah. (wish I'd thought about that name for just a touch longer).

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