Monday, 1 April 2013

The plateau

I love learning. Always have. Not just the facts and figures bit or the book smarts, but skills, physical abilities, so many things that it's possible to do I like to try. See if I'm good at them. If I'm not I try and get good, if I am I try and get better.

I'm a bit like a magpie though. A new idea crosses my mind and it's like a shiny trinket to be chased to the detriment of whatever I'm currently improving at.

I can accept this. When I'm into something for a while I normally come back to it. What really bugs me though is what I call a plateau. This is when despite all my best efforts an improvement seems elusive. Like trying desperately to stakeboard up a steep slope, all the effort seems to be for nothing.

It may be no more than an illusion, and I've no idea why I'm committing it here, it just bugged me today and I hope expressing it will rationalise it a little. I probably expect results too quickly, but here is the magpie issue. If I get bored I worry I'll drop what I'm doing, but I don't want to. How do people keep the motivation going when success seems a distant dot on the horizon?

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